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Ancient Bitcoin Moved — Was Satoshi Nakamoto At Work?

On October 11th, 1000 Bitcoins that had been in a wallet since they were mined in early 2009 were suddenly transferred. This brings another Bitcoin transaction into the spotlight. Has Bitcoin’s Creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, Returned?

The question of Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity, arguably the greatest mystery behind Bitcoin, is still causing a stir today. On Sunday, October 11th, after over a decade of inactivity, Bitcoin was worth $ 11.3 million transferred to a number of unknown addresses. This begs the question of who owns these Bitcoin. Could Satoshi be behind the transaction?

Some crypto analytics firms and independent analysts have tried to track these bitcoin movements at an early stage to determine if these bitcoins really belong to Nakamoto. Since the coins were “mined” in 2009, just a month after the start of the network, this suggests that Satoshi, who had been in hiding for years, suddenly returned. And wants to access his fabulous treasure of allegedly one million Bitcoin.

But the research suggests that it is unlikely that Satoshi Nakamoto is really behind it. The mined block does not fit into the so-called “Patoshi pattern.” Sergio Demian Lerner discovered this pattern in 2013. Due to weaknesses in the early Bitcoin code, the coins from this time can be traced back to their miners.

Nonetheless, an anonymous person moved almost 1,000 Bitcoin Sunday for the first time since 2010. The Bitcoin units therefore come from a time when Satoshi Nakamoto was still active in the crypto community. In addition, the data from the crypto analysis companies shows that the wallet was completely emptied through a series of transactions worth 10 BTC each. With the exception of a transaction of 200 bitcoin.

The remaining 50 Bitcoin from the Satoshi era, which were also postponed on Sunday, migrated, according to BitInfoCharts into a wallet with Bitcoin valued at over $ 22 million.

This transaction marks the third movement of Saroshi-era coins to take place this year. Earlier this month someone transferred 50 Bitcoin mined in May 2010 to Bitfinex. But as early as May of this year, 50 Bitcoin from 2009 were transferred to two wallets .

The Satoshi-era Bitcoin refers to coins that were mined when the pseudonymous creator was still communicating with the crypto world. He has been in hiding since 2010 and his identity still remains a mystery.

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