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ANOMUS: Public sale ends in seconds

Anomus is a decentralized news protocol that has been gaining a lot of hype lately. The project, which started as an effort to steer news and journalistic coverage away from corrupted channels and place it in the hands of the community, has been appreciated by retail and institutional investors, who rushed to end the public sale of ANOM tokens on Synapse.Network in just mere seconds.

Anomus’ public sale will resume on ScaleSwap & at 12:00 & 14:00 hrs (UTC), respectively, on the 26th of November 2021, which is predicted to end just as fast. 

ANOM tokens will start trading on exchanges on the 28th of November. The token will be made available on PancakeSwap and MEXC at 14:00 (UTC), with the team planning to get listed in more exchanges in the near future. 

Anomus has gained much support from investors and partners who backed the project, its principles, and what it aims to accomplish for freedom of press and freedom of speech. The project had left out many venture capitalists and other investors during the private round who are still interested in the project and will be looking to the public round to acquire ANOM tokens before it goes live.

About Anomus

Anomus is a decentralized news protocol for the world. It’s created to make news reporting fair, unbiased, and balanced. It aims to create a medium where publishers can preserve their work in blockchains where it will become permanently recorded and available worldwide while protecting the publisher’s intellectual property rights and ownership. The system will reward publishers, auditors (Fact-Checkers), and readers for participating in ways that no other news platform has done before. 

Anomus features:

  • A censorship-free environment that encourages free speech
  • Autonomous, community-governed platform
  • Reward system for publishers, fact-checkers, and readers
  • Content preservation through blockchain and permaweb technology

Find out more about Anomus by visiting the website

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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