Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Aspire Announces $2.4 Million Raised to Expand Blockchain Platform

Aspire Technology, the self-described “developer of the Aspire digital asset creation platform,” has revealed the closure of a $1.175 million equity round for its platform. On top of this, it has brought in a $1.23 million private token presale, totaling over $2.4 million in total capital, according to a press release.

This round was lead by Foeckersperger Ventures and GmbH, among other individual investors, the release notes. Speaking on the matter is Jim Blasko, the CEO of Aspire Technology, who said:

“Once consumers see how easy and inexpensive it is to create a digital asset with Aspire, everyone who has a social media presence, personal blog or small business will realize they want to have one. Follow me on Twitter will soon be replaced by ‘let me send you some tokens’ as loyalty programs, digital collectibles, fan clubs and 100 other use cases evolve using the low cost, trackability, international transaction capabilities and permanence of digital assets becomes mainstream.”

Aspire launched its network this July, and will be airdropping those who are interested in creating a token within the platform. “The Aspire platform consists of Aspire (ASP), which is currently only available through its airdrop campaign, with the first 10,000 users receiving sufficient Aspire and Aspire Gas (GASP) to create one full-fledged digital asset, each of which can comprise up to 92 billion tokens.”

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