Monday, November 23, 2020
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BitAngels to Hold Wyoming Chapter for Blockchain Exposure

BitAngels, a popular investor network in the blockchain industry, has revealed what it calls a Wyoming chapter, which will take place this September 23rd, according to a press release from the group.

Starting out the event is a keynote lead by one Josh Denne, the co-founder and Chairman, of The Inevitable Group. From there, three startups will present before the event hosts a Q&A session.

The following groups will be presenting:

  • Encore Green Environmental – ( a patent-pending methodology, uses soil and water sciences, advanced data collection, traceability on blockchain, and sound economic models to repurpose by-product water and reduce carbon.

  • Opolis – ( a next generation employment cooperative for the independent worker

  • Unbiased – ( building solutions to fight ethical challenges in the AI and BigData Industry

Leading this entire chapter is Rich Kopcho, the Managing Director of LODE Studio, who is described through the release:

“Rich is passionate about diversifying the economic landscape in Wyoming where three generations of in-laws are natives. As a life-long entrepreneur, who worked on 17 startups, he understands their challenges. One startup acquisition led to 12-years in Product Management, Product Marketing, Competitive Intel, and Business Development at Hewlett-Packard. He met a co-founder at HP and consulted worldwide in High-Mix Manufacturing for F100’s the next 10 years. He’s been actively mentoring entrepreneurs and startups for 8-years at CU Boulder. Rich is also currently building LODE Studio to create sustainable technology companies with high-quality diverse jobs within opportunity zones in Wyoming.”

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