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Brad Garlinghouse Displeased with the Encryption Enforcement System

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November 1st 2020

October 12 CEO Ripple Garlinghaus Brad (Brad Garlinghouse) wrote on Twitter ,  in order to clarify his recent remarks about the judicial system of the US Department of Justice. Stating that Ripple is an American company that abides and supports important laws like AML. Ripple is not trying to evade US regulation. However, the enforcement framework of the US judicial system lists eight different points of view. 

He said regulation shouldn’t be a guessing game. Worse, some regulators fail to protect American companies. He stressed that deficiencies in the national regulatory framework put American innovation and American companies at a huge disadvantage. Companies demand a level playing field. 

In this regard, if Ripple needs to move to another country to achieve this goal, then Ripple must choose this path. Earlier, on October 9, Brad Garlinghouse expressed dissatisfaction with the structure of the encryption, saying that if there are no clearer rules, the company will move its investments, and possibly move abroad itself.

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