Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Brock Pierce Testifies in Front of Wyoming Legislature Regarding Blockchain Banking

Brock Pierce, an independent presidential candidate for United States President, has testified before the Wyoming State Legislature regarding blockchain banking – a potentially massive use case for the nascent technology, according to a press release.

Pierce mostly noted how bringing “capital to towns throughout America rather than just to the coastal hubs of venture capital,” would be a significant way to be.

Speaking on the matter is Pierce himself, who said:

“Financial inclusion is something that’s very relevant to not just this country but the world at large — and creating systems to provide for more cost-effective mobile banking solutions, lowering the bar and making banking more accessible, is just good for humanity and this country in general. I am committed to support the work that you’re doing here, pushing this forward.”

“The major impact of this legislation and the job-creation and all of the things that I assume you’re hoping will come from this really starts to happen once you have your first successful bank,” Pierce continued. “It is an arduous process but, once you’ve established your first successful operation, that’s when others will follow.”

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