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CIA Labs to focus on blockchain research among other areas

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September 21st 2020

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) announced the launch of CIA Labs, an in-house research facility that would focus on blockchain research among various other areas of the digital world.

The agency announced in a tweet that the federal laboratory would serve as its research and development arm focusing on providing new intel for a better future and new technological breakthroughs.

Blockchain research among the core focus areas

Blockchain research would be among the core areas of the facility, explains a presser issued at the launch. Other areas of focus include advanced materials, artificial intelligence (ai) and machine learning, big data, data analytics, biotechnology, virtual reality, augmented reality, quantum computing, robotics, and human interface systems.

The statement explains that the CIA Labs is a member of the Federal Laboratory Consortium aiming to bring the agency officers up to the mark on latest developments in the focused research areas. The facility also aims to bring together the agency officers, researchers and academia to support agency goals and mission. 

The lab would be conducting multidimensional and multidisciplinary research. The research and development solutions would also put to test and eventually to use in the field.

CIA Labs also invites other federal labs to come forth and collaborate with the facility in order to improve and enhance existing research projects or put new ideas to use. So far, only educational institutes have been taking up blockchain research, and CIA has now become one of the pioneering agencies in this area.

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