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Creating A Blockchain Product: An Overview

Feb 23 · 2 min read

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An overview of developing a blockchain product.

Most people think that developers actually create the product. But, there are lots of back scenes where product managers and executives discuss the features. As product managers discuss features with executives, both parties reach for a consensus and the specifics were launched to the product development team.

Step 1: Discussing Features With Executives

The first step is to discuss the market, features, and supply in a blockchain network. Then, you have to decide which platform would be best to support these features. After decision-making, you have to define other specifics.

Step 2: Discussing Specifics

After the platform is chosen, you have to start with specifics. They include supply, demand, and many more specifics that could be added to the network. After the specifics were decided, then you should directly relay it to the product development team.

Step 3: Giving Specifics to Product Development Team

After features and specifics were discussed with executives, all details should be relayed to the product development team. These details include platform, features, supply cap, and many more features are on the list. After that, the product could be developed to meet all the required specifications. But you should always be on the lookout in case anything goes wrong. Because you should be available when something goes wrong. So, this phase includes making everything alright and developing something when necessary. After its done, everything is complete and the product could be launched to the market.

How would you develop a blockchain product? Have you ever tried to build a product? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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