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Do You Need A Financial Advisor?

Or can you take care of your own money

Nov 21 · 3 min read

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Learning all you can will be beneficial

A good financial planner who truly cares about the person could be beneficial. There may be too many of them, however, who are simply trying to line their own pockets as they handle other people’s money. If a person is chosen as a financial planner, it should be someone who the person can trust. That is not something that is easy to determine.

A fiduciary is someone who is bound to act in another person’s best interest. This should eliminate conflict of interest concerns of when a financial planner might make decisions which are not in the best interest of the client but which earn money for himself. A fiduciary should be more trustworthy for the client. It would be best to find a financial planner who is a fiduciary.

It may seem logical to hire a financial advisor who is at a close location, but that might not be the best choice. It is wise to take time to interview a few advisors before picking one that you feel would be the best fit and choice for you. You should make sure that they handle the areas of your concern and interest.

Getting the advice of a satisfied client may be helpful if that is possible. Someone who has had a good experience with a particular financial advisor might give a good recommendation. If a friend feels that a financial planner has done a good job for him, it might be worthwhile to give the person a try.

Certified financial planners should know what they are doing and should have the interests of their clients’ at heart. That is not always the case and is not easy to determine. There are too many people who just want to earn money from managing your funds. Unless they care about you and your welfare, they will not be helpful.

There are various ways that financial advisors are paid. Some are paid a fee for their service and will do the work for you. Others charge a percentage of your assets that are under their management. Some are paid commissions by the mutual funds or programs in which they place your money. There may be a conflict of interest involved if they are receiving money without making the best choices for you.

It is wise to keep track of your own money. If you do have a financial advisor, check on them and see what they are doing. If your money is not growing, they are not doing a good job for you. They should not have total control without limits and oversight.

With online brokerages plentiful, it may be possible and beneficial to take care of your own money. You would need to study and learn how to make the best choices.

Learning about how to handle your money on your own might be the best avenue for you. If you do use a financial planner, make sure that you keep tabs on them.

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