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FT readers respond: Cryptocurrency in the classroom

As part of the FT’s Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign, Lucy Kellaway wrote about a trend in UK schools — young people buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

In her Weekend FT article “Crypto in the classroom: Lucy Kellaway on the kids’ new craze”, she tells of the rising enthusiasm shown by pupils when talking about such investments. One student boasted he “made” £100 in one day on his holding.

Kellaway makes the point that schools generally fail to engage pupils when it comes to learning about money. Lessons need to be properly designed to work around the behavioural biases that make children (and adults) so bad with money, she says.

The article launched a debate among readers on ways to help schoolchildren understand money. Suggestions ranged from fantasy portfolios to encouraging children to take up part-time jobs and using games such as Minecraft to capture young people’s interest in finance.

Many commenters shared lessons from their own experiences and how they teach their own children about money.

A range of reader comments that appeared on our website and social media posts are published below and we invite you to continue the conversation in the comments.

*Comments have been edited for length, style and clarity

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