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Get Off Your High Horse!

Hows it going ya beauties? Welcome back to The Molesy Message!

The bitcoin road I have been on the last 4 years has been quite lonely. There have been numerous ups and downs. To be honest, there have been times where I have questioned my investment thesis. Is bitcoin going to become the next global reserve currency? Am I an idiot? Am I crazy?

I recently had an old friend send me an article with the headline that read, “All Bitcoiners Are Total Idiots.”

There are good and bad types of crazy though. You can be a nudist. You can be a Buddhist. But you can’t be a Buddhist nudist. There is a delicate balance of dreaming about how the world should be and what reality looks like.

My cousin made a great point about my father which explains this balance correctly:

“A genuine guy with his head dreaming in the clouds and his feet firmly planted in reality.”

So what is the reality? I am driving a Bugatti and my old friend is galloping up next to me on his fucking horse and laughing and shaking his head. Why is he laughing? Because the road is built for a horse, not the intelligent, fast, Bugatti machine.

I roll down my window, smile, and say, “Wait until there is pavement bud.”

It was Andreas M. Antonopoulos that said:

“We are about to witness the greatest infrastructure inversion the world has ever seen, banking and finance will be changed forever. Open blockchains, and specifically bitcoin, will revolutionize the way finance is delivered over the next 10–15 years.”

I recommend watching this entire video on the upcoming switch in infrastructure:

I am okay with being laughed at because I am the only bitcoiner in the room. I am sure the Wright Brothers felt the same way too. A plane? Give me a break!

The lonely road is for those curious enough and crazy enough to think they can change the world.

I used to question my investment thesis all the time, but now I question everyone else. Everyone thinks I am risky. I think they are being risky. This is the first time in history you can own a whole bitcoin before any of these greedy bankers get a hold of them. They are coming. Don’t let them trick you that they are not thinking of accumulating this asset.

First, it will be the companies, then banks and small nation-states, and then major central banks. The pavement is being built.

Don’t believe me, old friend? This was a huge news headline last month.

Here comes my old friend on the horse again….But…but…but! Bitcoin can’t be a store of value, its not even good money!

So you no-coiner, riding your beautiful fucking stallion, I think its time to put your head in the clouds for a few moments. Are we still going to be riding horses in the future? Or are we going to start driving cars, flying in planes, creating electricity, building the internet, creating a new financial system, and pushing to become a multi-planetary species?

Don’t worry, I got an extra seat in my Bugatti.

I know this sounds like a bit overly cocky. However, I think it’s even cockier to think that our current financial system is the right one for the deflationary future we are heading down. We are surrounded by technology, which is deflationary. Yet, we have money that is inflationary. Everything should be getting cheaper, accessible, democratized, not more expensive. We need sound money.

I need and want you to be apart of this revolution. I would rather talk about fundamentals with you in this newsletter but money motivates us.

Of course, this is not financial advice. You should always verify, not trust me. Be curious and do your own research. With that financial disclaimer over, bitcoin’s price appreciation is going to melt faces over the coming decade as the road turns from dirt to pavement.

People have been texting me saying, “Wow, nice rally for bitcoin!” Don’t get me wrong, I love the sound of a $12,000 bitcoin price. However, how does a $300,000 BTC price sound? $1 million per BTC? These numbers are exponential and sustainable if it is to become the next global reserve currency.

It is a game of accumulation. You need to have a long term time horizon when it comes to bitcoin. Bitcoin is not a get rich quick scheme. Bitcoin is a generational trade that I want you to be apart of, even it means just dipping your toes in. Be careful though! You might fall down the rabbit hole because bitcoin is more than just money. Bitcoin pushes you to learn about micro and macroeconomics, philosophy, entrepreneurship, history, technology, and much more.

It is a hard journey to undertake. Everyone is riding around on their fiat horses laughing, having a grand old time, drinking mango white claws, and believing the government has their best interests in mind. You don’t need them.

If I could get you to ask yourself one thing after reading this ‘venti-quad-shot iced- americano’ rant is this:

Have an amazing week. mic drop.


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