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Janice McAfee Calls For Support After John’s Arrest in Spain

The wife of the famous tech entrepreneur John McAfee weighed in on the most recent events, thanking and calling for the community’s support.

John McAfee’s Arrest: Injustice

Those who have been following McAfee on social media for the past few years know that he has been particularly vocal about intentionally not paying taxes.

As CryptoPotato reported yesterday, the now-retired tech mogul was arrested in Spain and is pending extradition to the US. He was indicted on charges of tax evasion.

That’s not all, though. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had also pressed charges against McAfee, hours before he was detained in the European country. The securities watchdog alleges that he has failed to disclose more than $23 million in payments received for fraudulently promoting various Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

The situation sure looks grim for the crypto proponent. Today, his wife, Janice McAfee, took it to Twitter to offer her statement on the matter.

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She thanked the community for the expressed support and said that “he [McAfee] needs your support, all of our support really, in this battle against injustice.”

Interestingly enough, after the news broke out, Janice McAfee posted a picture with her husband, saying “Nope, he’s with me.”

Not A Lot is Clear at the Moment

Apart from the fact that he’s been indicted for tax evasion and the SEC charges, there’s not a lot of clarity on the situation, at the time of this writing,

His wife also failed to provide additional information because she’s not allowed to “comment on any details of the situation.” Yet, she said that there’s a team of lawyers working “tirelessly” on his behalf and that he is “in good spirits” and thanked the community.

In terms of the SEC charges, the official release detailed that the cryptocurrency proponent has violated numerous sections of the Securities Act.

According to BBC, however, if convicted, McAfee could face up to 30 years in prison.

Interestingly enough, earlier in the year, McAfee also announced his plans to run for the 2020 US Presidential Elections. He even touted himself as the “perfect candidate to disrupt the system.”

This is also not the first arrest that McAfee faced in 2020. In August, he got detained somewhere in Europe for refusing to wear a medically-certified mask through the conditions of a global pandemic and put ladies’ underwear on his face instead.

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