Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Kelta to Hold SLOBLOCO Cryptocurrency Congress in Slovakia This November

Kelta, the self-described “first multi-cryptocurrency mining platform on the market,” will be hosting the SLOBLOCO cryptocurrency congress in Slovakia, in November 2020, according to a press release from the group.

This will be one of the first post-lockdown congresses, the release notes, considering Slovakia has one of the lowest COVID cases in Europe. This event will be livestreamed as well, appealing to around 50,000 people both online and offline, and be held at the X-BIONIC Sphere Resort, “a welcoming and luxurious congress space just 30 minutes from Bratislava,” the release continues again.

The release also reads:

“The key theme of the congress is the use of blockchain in everyday life and business, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The speakers and guests will discuss aspects ranging from taxation, security, and legal issues in blockchain to trading, wallets, and crypto ATMs.

Here are just a few of SLOBLOCO’s partners:

– Covidax – a biotech firm developing the first independent COVID-19 vaccine

– Lyra – a premium chocolate brand that uses blockchain to monitor its production process

– Marble Cards – a platform for creating and trading unique collectible ERC20 tokens based on real URLs

– Crypto Heads – a fast-paced feature film about crypto trading

– Lamassu Bitcoin Ventures – the manufacturer of the most affordable Bitcoin ATM on the market”


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