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Kevin O’leary’s Investment Advice to Prosper in Market DownTurns

11 steps Kevin O’Leary recommends for making a good and balanced investment portfolio

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Even though Kevin does not endorse credit cards, he also acknowledges that it is very hard to advance your credit rating without having a credit card.

  1. You get to have an extra income source while building your credit rating.

There is no way to game the system without establishing a credit rating.

In the video, we see that Graham benefits from the appreciation(real estate) as long as interest rates go down.

If things go wrong and the values go down across any asset class, you still owe that money you borrowed. You have to be ready to pay off that million at any time.

  1. Protein Buildings

Pasta Buildings

These are buildings that David still has loans on. He and his wife always eat pasta when they get such buildings until they fully pay the loans off.

Protein Buildings

These are buildings that David has no loans on. Once they have paid off the loans of a pasta building, they begin eating steak again hence calling it a protein building.

If you take on debt, you should be able to pay it off at any time. Kevin O’Leary has no debt which was a surprise to me considering I have heard so many people talking about good and bad debt but I haven’t heard any talking about no debt at all… Maybe I hadn’t just looked hard enough.

Kevin advises that you should never let any of your asset classes become more than 20% of your net worth.

Again, Kevin says that the biggest mistake you can make in your life is to worry about taxes. The fact that you are worried about taxes is a wonderful problem to have because it means that you are making money.

Never in your life ever use margin in stocks. I have read a book about this in detail before that will show you the true extent of how bad leverage can be.

You must be willing to write off high-risk investments because there is a 50% chance you will.

Once you raise more cash, buy more diversity, and be more conservative with stocks. Kevin O’Leary always prefers to buy into dividend stocks that way he can raise enough money to serve as cash flow monthly.

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