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Learn About Blockchain and Crypto Trading: A List of the Best Free and Paid Crypto Courses

The Blockchain Council has long been an authoritative source of information on the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as you can tell by this serious-looking lady that looks kind of like an android.

But in all seriousness, many researchers, journalists, and blockchain newbies turn to its large repository of articles and resources for expert information. Certification by this group has been the entry into the blockchain job market for many professionals in IT, marketing, and other domains.

The Blockchain Council offers training in blockchain development, business applications, and cryptocurrency trading. By learning crypto trading with the blockchain experts, you’ll also gain a good understanding of how the underlying blockchain technology works. This knowledge will help you make more informed decisions about the coins you invest in. The course is led by Toshendra Sharma, an accomplished technology entrepreneur and a 2016 Forbes India 30 Under 30 (Technology).

Certified Blockchain and Law Professional

Certified Cryptocurrency Trader program

If you’ve spent any time in the crypto world, you have probably already heard about TheChartGuys and may have dropped by their YouTube channel. They, of course, provide technical analysis of charts on stocks and cryptocurrencies. The Chart Guys aim to teach you how to be a disciplined crypto trader by taking the emotion and fear out of trading.

Learn crypto trading signals and patterns for the day trader or swing trader (day to weeks). Free daily YouTube videos complement the courses, including an Ask Me Anything Q&A. Traders can receive weekly insight into trading trends, rotations, and setups from the weekly Swing Report ($699 annually). A basic course on the Technical Analysis of charts is offered for free. For crypto enthusiasts, they offer paid courses:

Skill Incubator was the first crypto community I joined years ago, run by long-term investor Chris Dunn and his partner Rocky (@CryptoHustle on twitter). Their 8-week crypto Bootcamp is high quality and will give you the fundamentals of technical analysis, short term trading, longer-term investing, and managing your emotions. What I enjoy most about this group is the Discord channel community that you get access to.

Neither the founders nor community is ever shilling any coins or making specific recommendations — rather people are sharing their charts openly and commenting on them, lining out their trading plans, and giving each other feedback. Their courses, knowledge base, and community also go beyond just crypto and into stock investing and other assets. Highly recommended! You can start with their free blog and YouTube Channel to get a flavor for the content.


Many forex traders have learned the ins and outs of forex trading and how to build their own Expert Advisors with the Forex Academy. The Forex Academy is an established online forex education provider that has added cryptocurrency to its offerings. Both manual and algo forex and cryptocurrency courses are offered.

The Forex Academy provides six courses in cryptocurrency trading and the use of Expert Advisors. Few courses provide the opportunity to learn how to develop your own robots for crypto trading. The algo courses provide 12 new algo Expert Advisors a month. Unlike forex, the development of EAs in crypto trading is an emerging space, so the crypto EAs provide a lot of value.

  • Ethereum Trading Robot — Cryptocurrency Never Losing Formula
  • Cryptocurrency Trading Course + 12 Expert Advisors
  • Ethereum Trading Course + 99 Algorithmic Trading Robots
  • Bitcoin Algorithmic Trading in 2020 + 99 Expert Advisors
  • Bitcoin Trading Robot — Cryptocurrency Never Losing Formula
  • Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trading — the Revolution

Investopedia Academy is the online educational course arm of leading finance and investment education website Investopedia. Course offerings cover trading, investing, finance, and personal finance. For beginner traders, fintech entrepreneur Lex Sokolin will start you out on your crypto trading journey. He explains the blockchain, how to invest in ICOs, and start trading cryptocurrency on an exchange.

The Crypto Trading course is targeted towards intermediate cryptocurrency traders but starts with the basics. Learn how to choose an exchange before moving into technical trading strategies. The course is taught by Ian King, a professional trader with experience trading more complex instruments (as head of credit derivatives, equities, and mortgage bond trading for investment banks). Students receive lifetime access to 70 videos.

Before Bloomberg News or, Richard D. Wyckoff’s Magazine of Wall Street (1907) was a respected source of investment market news and trading strategies. The Wyckoff Stock Market Institutes (SMI), founded in 1931, continues to teach traders the technical trading techniques developed by its founder.

LearnCrypto is a division of SMI. The Wyckoff Cryptocurrency Trading School provides two cryptocurrency courses applying Wyckoff technical trading strategies to cryptocurrency trading. Students also gain access to the Wyckoff YouTube channel providing daily technical and fundamental analysis on Bitcoin. SMI is headed by Todd Butterfield, who has demonstrated the SMI technique and his own trading prowess by repeatedly placing in the top ranks of various investment contests over the years. The two cryptocurrency trading courses offered are:

Beginners Guide To Cryptocurrencies

Considering a career in enterprise blockchain development or management? Congrats, you’ve chosen a career path on a fast growth trajectory. 101 Blockchains is the career ramp for many established professionals seeking to expand their company’s blockchain efforts, as well as fresh graduates rounding out their education in IT, marketing, supply chain management, e-commerce, and other disciplines with blockchain specialization.

101 Blockchains offers a free course in the fundamentals of enterprise blockchain. If you are ready for a blockchain career, get certified as a blockchain professional, architect, or security expert. Or learn the ins and outs of blockchain deployment in supply chain management, or trade and finance.

Popular courses include:

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