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Michelle Bond the new crypto power lobbyist

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October 31st 2020

  • Michelle Bond joins the Association of Digital Asset Markets (ADAM)
  • Crypto power lobbyist to tame Wall Street.
  • Bond sees huge potential in the cryptocurrency market.

Michelle Bond is the new name being added to the expertise of Wall Street members that form the Association of Digital Asset Markets (ADAM). The former Senior Counsel at Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) holds the office of the chief executive officer (CEO) at ADAM in the cryptocurrency marketplace and brings a world of experience from working in top management roles at notable firms like Ripple, Bloomberg, and

Mike Novogratz, chief executive officer of Galaxy Digital expressed pride in the news of Bond’s appointment, adding that he looks forward to her expert guidance in navigating the swiftly pacing digital environment. He further looks forward to collaborating on strategic projects and put forth initiatives that ensure ADAM members to stay ahead in the game.

Bond’s alliance with the firm clearly indicates Wall street’s inclination towards cryptocurrency, says Sarson Funds official, John Sarson, and can expect clarity on digital trade regulations ensuring Wall Street’s nuclei position in the financial market worldwide.

What the crypto power lobbyist thinks

Speaking to Forbes, the new crypto power lobbyist highlighted the absence of a roadmap to design a transparent and efficient digital market as the number one hurdle encircling financial institutions’ decision to adopt crypto. Terming the digital financial market a juvenile, Bond thinks there is a huge potential in designing its policies that will help shape the future financial market.

Mentioning this to be the intent of ADAM’s formation, Bond believes members of traditional institutions gearing together to design a code of conduct would facilitate the adoption of digital assets and implementation of practically relatable regulations.

Based in Washington DC, the new crypto power lobbyist spoke about the US elections coming forth and the firms’ readiness to communicate its implications on digital assets to all members of the association to make critical decisions in the members’ interest. The regulatory expert mentioned the long-term plan to include strategic initiatives in line with policymakers to grow membership strength of the association.

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