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Neptune Digital Assets Corp. Is Ready to Mine Some Crypto

Canadian company Neptune Digital Assets Corp. is partnering up with Link Global Technologies to engage in crypto mining operations.

Neptune and Link Are Hooking Up to Mine Crypto

As the price of bitcoin has exploded in recent months, the prospects of mining crypto are suddenly looking rather positive. The higher the price of a certain coin, the more profitable it is to mine, so right now, one can assume that anyone extracting new coins is making a nice living for themselves. It seems like Neptune wants to get a piece of the action.

Link Global is set to provide the firm with the power, facilities and rack space it needs to house its whopping 1,500 ASIC mining machines. It is estimated by Neptune that as many as 0.7 bitcoins will be produced each given day, though at press time, details are scarce regarding the company’s scaling operations and initial mining deployment.

Cale Moodie – the CEO of Neptune – commented in a recent statement:

The economics of bitcoin mining have changed drastically in the past months, and as such, we see this as another accretive revenue stream for shareholders. The partnership with Link enables us to rapidly move into bitcoin mining with the ability to scale as quickly as our resources allow. We intend to operate a low cost and highly profitable mining operation using the expertise and turnkey setup of Link along with Neptune’s ASIC miners. As always, Neptune is committed to maintaining low overhead while adding digital assets to our balance sheet. We are rather excited to scale this operation to add maximum value for our shareholders.

Over the past year, as bitcoin’s price has increased tenfold, so have the number of miners entering the industry. As a result, many new reports have been initiated claiming that bitcoin energy usage has reached an all-time high, and mining operations are now using more electricity than most countries.

In addition, the industry itself appears to be garnering mixed results. On the one hand, we are seeing many crypto and crypto mining stocks shoot up alongside the price of bitcoin. At the same time, we are also seeing many regions say “no” to future mining projects, a big one being China’s Inner Mongolia region.

Shutting Things Down Early?

This was a real shock for many industry heads given how big mining has been within the area for some time. Inner Mongolia is known for low energy costs, and thus it plays host to many crypto extraction businesses. However, earlier in the week, a statement was issued that the Inner Mongolia region would be closing all mining companies to conserve energy and prevent further environmental pollution.

Neptune provides its customers with a crypto portfolio consisting of some of the world’s top digital tokens, along with proof of stake assets and associated blockchain networks.

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