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NFTs of Blockchain Gaming: KOGs Supersets

To qualify as ‘Super,’ a set must contain both of the matching Ultra-Rare Slammers. In essence, you make an Ultra-Rare Rainbow Set, then add the Slammers to finish it off.

Only 12 Ultra-Rares

Across all 8 1st Edition KOG (non-Slammer) series, there are 10 Ultra-Rare designs:

  • 8-Bitcoin (8-Bit series)
  • Astronaut (Space Military series)
  • Police Detective (Space Military series)
  • Time Traveler (Space Military series)
  • KOG Collection (90s series)
  • Arcade (80s series)
  • Abomination (Cyberpunk series)
  • Lonely Warrior (Cyberpunk series)
  • Bitcoin (Crypto series)
  • Bullish Chart (Crypto series)

In addition to the KOGs, a pair of Ultra-Rare Slammers are ready to collect:

  • 8 Ball
  • Satoshi Nakamoto

And these are the official Superset color palettes:

  • Cerulean Sky — black, blue, snow
  • Console Gray — white, black, gray
  • Digital Dawn — black, maroon, gold
  • Jeweled Earth — tan, maroon, black
  • Neon — purple, pink, blue
  • Peach Dreams — gray, black, pink
  • Pineapple — black, yellow, green
  • Royal Orange — black, purple, orange
  • Scorched Earth — black, olive, pumpkin
  • Sirens — black, red, blue
  • Striped Amber — brown, orange, black
  • Sunset — red, pink, purple, blue

Pick your favorite UR border type, then put all 12 pieces together. Here’s a complete Superset adorned in a Cerulean Sky border:

All 12 Ultra-Rare KOGs 1st Edition NFTs soaked in the same border type = Superset

It’s quite the sight, isn’t it? One can only imagine how many trades, purchases, and pack openings it takes to make your own. It won’t be easy, but you can do it if you want one bad enough!

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