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OKEx NFT Voting Results Out, Meme (MEME) & Aavegotchi (GHST) Now Listed

The leading crypto spot and derivatives exchange, OKEx has concluded its special voting event to list a fresh class of crypto assets – Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) on the platform. The 8-day long event that ended on Oct 8, 2020, witnessed the community selecting Meme (MEME) and Aavegotchi (GHST) from a list of 6 tokens which included Rarible (RARI), Whale (WHALE), Dego Finance (DEGO) and Bonk Token (BONK).

Users taking part in the campaign voted for their NFT of choice by depositing tokens to their OKEx accounts or generating wallet addresses. Following the voting results, MEME and GHST tokens are now listed on OKEx, open for spot trading against USDT and ETH pairs.

NFTs are among the fast-growing segment of crypto assets, mostly in the form of crypto collectibles, which are pushing the boundaries of DeFi space. Among the two selected projects, Meme is an NFT farming experiment that blends innovations in DeFi and crypto-collectibles where users can stake tokens for farming limited edition NFTs to earn rewards. Aavegotchi is also built along similar lines, enabling DeFi staking to earn NFT collectibles. The Aavegotchis vary in value and rarity based on three attributes: collateral stake, traits, and wearables. While the collateral stake increases the value of NFTS as the amount in their escrow addresses increase, Traits are related to performance in mini-games which has a direct correlation with its rarity. Meanwhile, the wearables attribute includes in-game items like sword, backpack, etc, that can be equipped to different Aavegotchis to make them more appealing and valuable.

Commenting on the addition of new assets, the CEO of OKEx, Jay Hao said, “We’re glad to see that two such innovative and fun projects have come out as the winners in this special voting round. It’s refreshing to be reminded that not everything in this space has to be so serious and that we can push the limits of this technology in humorous and creative ways.”

Mr. Hao went on to explain the voting campaign and the importance of its users’ involvement in the decision-making process. He said, “We’re also pleased to see our users’ active response to voting on which tokens to list. It’s very important for OKEx to listen to their feedback – and letting them be a part of the listing process makes perfect sense. It’s also a great opportunity for crypto projects to have a chance to use our platform to showcase their work and appeal to our global user base.”

With the first lot of NFTs listed on OKEx and supported by its diverse user base, more listings are expected to happen in the near future.

Learn more about the results of the special voting event here

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