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Panaswap Protocol Transforms The Automated Market Maker Space




Panaswap is a cross-chain automated market maker built on the Cardano blockchain. In a bid to enable crypto enthusiasts to have access to Cardano native tokens, the team at Panaswap is pleased to announce its protocol to the crypto community. Panaswap leverages the Cardano blockchain to resolve most of the issues bedeviling DeFi projects.

The Panaswap token, $PANA, is used to energize the Panaswap ecosystem. Token holders will be rewarded for their efforts and loyalty. You can use the token for purchasing goods and services on the Panaswap network. 

Panaswap Usage

The Panaswap protocol works in this 2-step approach:

  • Launch the Panaswap protocol, verify your credentials, and link your wallet.
  • Participate in a liquidity pool, swap tokens or stake your assets to earn passive income.

What Can I Get With Panaswap?

Panaswap is a promising automated market maker with excellent features, including:




Token Swap

With Panaswap, you can easily swap your Cardano-based native tokens and other stablecoins on the market.


Crypto farm is one way to earn passive income off the market. Thankfully, Panaswap has a user-friendly crypto farm that you can participate in to earn $PANA. 


Panaswap has a liquidity pool where you can join other investors to contribute your digital assets to earn interest. The interest would be distributed to all liquidity providers. 


Staking is the process of locking up your tokens for a specific period and earning a profit in the process. You can stake your $PANA to earn a high-interest rate off the Panaswap protocol. 


  • Total supply: 300,000,000
  • Founding Team : 15%
  • ISPO : 15% 
  • Seed Round : 20%
  • Public Pre-Sale: 8%
  • Marketing & Partnership : 8%
  • Staking & Rewards Program: 18%
  • Locked Ecosystem tokens : 6%
  • Liquidity Allocation : 10%

About Panaswap

Panaswap is a first-of-its-kind decentralized exchange built on the Cardano blockchain. It is also an automated market maker that lets you interact with Cardano-based native tokens. Panaswap protocol guarantees transparency and low fees for those looking to improve their crypto experience. 

That’s not all; Being a yield optimizer, Panaswap aims to provide the required capital for startups and existing businesses to scale their operations. It offers a wide range of DeFi services and owns a swap structure for you to leverage. If you’re looking to adopt the Cardano ecosystem, Panaswap is the surest way to do that.

Telegram: https://t.me/panaswap

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PanaSwap

Media Details

Company Name: Panaswap

Contact Name: Panaswap

Location: UK/London 

Email: Panaswapcommunity@gmail.com 

Website: https://panaswap.com/ 

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