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Rapper Logic Has Purchased $6M Worth Of Bitcoin In October

The list of celebrities purchasing Bitcoin has officially grown by one more with a new representative from the hip hop world. The now-retired rapper going by the stage name Logic recently confirmed that he had purchased $6 million worth of BTC last month.

Logic Buys $6M In Bitcoin

Logic was born in 1990 under his real name – Sir Robert Bryson Hall II. He became a popular songwriter, record producer, streamer, and author. He also had a successful hip hop career with six studio albums and two Grammy nominations.

Somewhat unexpectedly, he announced his retirement from being an active rapper earlier this year. He justified his decision by being a dad and didn’t want his family to become targets of the same harassment he experienced in his career.

It seems that he hasn’t been wasting any time while in retirement, according to a video he shared on his Instagram profile. In it, Logic informed that he has “bought six million in Bitcoin last month.”

The former rapper implied that the purchase was not a big deal while saying “f**k it, YOLO (you only live once)” and “seriously.”

Hip Hop Artist Logic. Source: EW

Although he hasn’t disclosed the precise date when he bought the bitcoins, it’s already clear that his BTC position is well in profit. The primary cryptocurrency’s lowest price tag in October was around $10,000, while its highest was a bit over $14,000. In other words, even if Logic had bought at October’s peak, Bitcoin has increased by at least $4,000 since then.

Is Bitcoin Becoming Fashionable Among Celebrities?

Logic’s announcement came just a few days after another celebrity bought “some” bitcoins. This time, it was Maisie Williams – the actress portraying the role of Arya Stark in the hit TV series Game of Thrones.

Williams actually asked her nearly 3 million followers on Twitter whether or not she should “go long on Bitcoin.” Although the majority responded with “no,” the 23-year old actress said a day later that she had gone through with it and bought BTC.

This raises the question of whether the cryptocurrency has suddenly become attractive to celebrities for some of its merits or publicity stunts? Nevertheless, being associated with reputable names such as the two above and prominent investors like Paul Tudor Jones III and Stan Druckenmiller should positively impact Bitcoin’s reputation.

Featured Image Courtesy of NME

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