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Ripple seeks staff to expand its RippleNet customer base

  • Ripple is looking for integration engineers to expand payment corridors for On-Demand Liquidity (ODL).
  • As a result of Ripple’s recent job postings, the company may seek to expand into the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Ripple is focusing on expanding its payment corridors for the XRP based payment solution On-Demand Liquidity (ODL). Therefore, Ripple is looking for integration engineers who will be tasked with expanding their client base to integrate more financial institutions with RippleNet and provide them with “seamless access through their internal payment system”.

Specifically, Ripple is looking for a senior integration engineer and a staff integration engineer. The first of these positions, says Ripple, will be held by someone located in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The second position is open to an engineer based in London or for remote work within the UK. Both positions will be part of Ripple’s engineering team. They have the objective to “understand and communicate technical needs” of the company’s clients.

Details about the open positions by Ripple

According to the announcements, the integration engineers will need to be familiar with Ripple’s distributed ledger technology (DLT), be experts in Ripple’s products, and be capable of communicating them to the company’s clients. Also, the engineers will be required to develop, design, test and deploy integration solutions for Ripple that are aimed at “solving integration and deployment challenges” for Ripple’s customers and partners, among other tasks.

Applicants for these positions, Ripple says, must be experts in enterprise infrastructure networks. Both positions require applicants to have at least 4 years of experience working with the implementation of enterprise software solutions and 8 years of technical experience for the position of staff integration engineer.

The positions have been opened after Ripple’s SVP for Customer Success, Marcus Treacher, stated that the company is focused on eliminating friction in the traditional payment system with a modern and innovative platform. This is why Ripple offers its customers solutions that allow them to avoid the “liquidity problem”, as Treacher added:

At Ripple, our mission is to remove friction from global payments and enable money to move the same way that information does today—digitally and instantly. We work with banks and payment providers to modernize legacy systems using blockchain and digital assets to make sending money around the world easier, faster and more reliable.

Currently, Ripple has corridors in Latin America, Asia and Europe. As a result of Ripple’s recent job postings, the company may seek to expand into the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. Ripple’s payment corridors use the On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) solution and the XRP digital facility. As reported by the CNF, the adoption of ODL still faces a low liquidity problem for the digital asset XRP. In this context, payment brokers play an important role.

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