Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Samsung started to develop its own Blockchain

Every big firm is now plunging into the pool of Blockchain. The technology has taken the world by storm, and we have seen some huge transformation across the different industrial segments. The latest name that has emerged is Samsung. South-Korean electronics giant Samsung has started to work on Ethereum-based Blockchain, and the company also aims to issue its token down the line.

1. Investment in Blockchain-specialized start-ups and tools– Samsung has already made an investment of USD 8.1M in a Blockchain-based company Blocco and $4M in ‘KZen Networks.’ It has also partnered with HYPR, a Blockchain biometric encryption firm in the US, and Samsung has invested around $1M in it.

2. Developed its own Blockchain-based on Ethereum-Another leap that Samsung has taken in the world of Blockchain is in developing its Ethereum-based Blockchain. Samsung has also announced working on launching its crypto token, “Samsung Coin,” which can be used for crypto exchange or as a solution in the Samsung Pay app.

3. New products for Blockchain Integration- Samsung will also be launching new products that will simplify the Blockchain integration process with other platforms.

4. Release of Software Development Kit or SDK-Companies are now actively hiring Blockchain developers and Blockchain experts. Samsung has also unfolded a new set of opportunities for the Blockchain developer; the reason for this is the Software Development Kit, which has many tools and has a lot of functionalities to develop Blockchain and decentralized applications. SDK would require Blockchain development and experts, which can ensure seamless transfer API for every cryptocurrency. Software developers can use the payment gateway provided by SDK.

These significant initiatives taken by Samsung show that blockchain technology is taking a big leap and is making its way into mainstream technological development. It has also created a new scope of work and opportunities for tech experts.

In the times to come, we will witness a growing demand for blockchain professionals and Blockchain experts who can help in leveraging this technology. It has also led to the rise of Blockchain certification courses.

The primary reason for growing inclination towards Blockchain is that it is a decentralized technology which ensures faster transaction and complete data security. All these features are a must for any business, and hence Blockchain becomes the hot favorite of most businesses. Companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung, IBM, Wallmart are just a few of the big names that have made their way into the Blockchain technology and are exploring its usefulness.

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