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Smart Contract Feature “Hooks” Now Live On The XRP ledger

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November 21st 2020

Ripple has been collaborating with Flare Networks to allow the execution of Ethereum’s smart contract on XRP Ledger for a long time now. The new interface will open up a variety of new functions for XRP. However, the most important recent development is the introduction of smart contracts with “Hooks.”

Hooks was originally introduced in the alpha version for XRP Ledger back in October, and it comes as one of the most anticipated additions to the Ledger in quite a while.

Hooks has brought the first proprietary smart contract functionality that the XRP exosystem has ever experienced.  This interface opens up a wide range of possibilities to develop new use cases for XRP and connected components of the ledger. Wietse Wind has now introduced a new function, developed by his own company, for smart contracts with “Hooks”. It was announced on Twitter two days ago, November 18th, by the chief developer, Wietse Wind, who noted that the code is now available to everyone.

Simply put, there are two steps that developers need to follow. The first one is that one node must be operated in order to see the logs, while the other is that another node needs to implement the smart contract-executing commands. Of course, there is still work to be done, so further adjustments and updates are to be expected.

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