Friday, January 22, 2021
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This Is How You Can Learn To Make Money Watching A Fishbowl

And there I was, enchanted by my new fish tank with those aquatic vertebrates where I did not take my eyes off them, day after night, I visited them and gave them their food according to their time. So far, nothing strange happens, in fact, nothing strange could happen, right?

After a month, my excitement for the fish had not diminished, in fact, I had noticed a phenomenon a bit “unfair.” I realized that only a little more than a couple of fish were bigger and fatter than the others, my doubt grew when the difference was already abysmal, I was witnessing what a dozen years later would help me achieve more than half of the achievements acquired at my age.

Right after noticing this difference in fish sizes, I asked my parents about it, they immediately told me that it was because they ate more, but they did not pronounce the name of that phenomenon. I didn’t even know that the principle that was applied inside that fish tank even applies in control engineering or economics.

Inside the tank, every time I threw my handful of fish food, a competition would start between everyone to reach the most food.

Somehow, those handfuls of fish that were bigger than the others had gotten more food and became faster and more agile because they had the energy to spare. They got exponentially bigger to the point where they were almost unattainable by other competitors. Suddenly, these giant fish represented 80% of the food entered in a month. That is, 20% of the fish had 80% of the food inside.

What I had witnessed that month in my childhood was the same that the economist Vilfredo Pareto found at the end of the 19th century.

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