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What Exactly Is Artificial Intelligence?

What is it exactly that makes artificial intelligence such an essential and special technology right now?

Artificial intelligence and deep learning expert Andrew Ng probably said it best when he described artificial intelligence as the new electricity.

In saying this, he demonstrated his belief that AI will soon power most of our activities in society and business, drastically changing the ways we work and live.

I personally believe that learning how AI works and understanding its implications for our lives is at least as important as learning to read and write.

In other words, I recognize that we are now beginning to live in an era of AI, so it’s important to learn as much as we can about it early on.

While there are many reasons to prioritize learning about AI, here are a few that I believe are most important:

• Speed of AI Implementation: New AI technologies are being introduced at an incredibly fast pace and it can be difficult to keep up.

At this point in time, only a handful of people truly understand all of the implications these quickly evolving technologies will have for our world. Obviously, these rapid changes will generate a number of challenges, as we’ll cover in subsequent articles.

• Potential Impacts on Society: It’s hard to imagine the sheer number of things that AI will be able to improve, transform or create, as we begin to apply it to so many different areas of life.

• Prioritizing of AI by Every Large Tech Company: Even Google, a company that used to say that mobile was its first priority, has shifted its focus toward AI. Nearly every tech company is heavily investing in AI research and development, which clearly demonstrates the importance that AI holds for businesses in general.

• Shortage of Knowledgeable Workers: Because AI is growing so rapidly, there is a great need for more data scientists, machine learning experts, and other technical professionals who can build out AI solutions and services.

There is also a shortage of other professionals, such as teachers and consultants, to help to explain the implications of the growth of AI, which will, in turn, help businesses and individuals adapt to the new realities.

Competitive Advantages for Companies who First Apply AI Correctly: Both big and small companies can apply AI, and those who do it first, and correctly, will enjoy stunning competitive advantages.

• Legal Implications Worldwide: In almost every country, laws and regulations will need to be reviewed and updated to incorporate the new trends of the AI era. There is also a demand for information on the ways that societies can benefit by applying AI to various fields like healthcare and transportation.

• Ethical Development: As we prepare for the growth of AI, we need to push companies to develop new technologies ethically and responsibly, to better serve humanity and improve standards of living around the world.

While this is easier said than done, these types of policies really need to be implemented sooner rather than later as AI continues to develop.

• Communication of Advantages and Opportunities: People who work for tech companies tend to offer the most positive outlook on the future opportunities that will be afforded by AI.

However, outside of that sector, people often have negative impressions about AI tools due to a lack of understanding. Sharing information about the benefits offered by AI will be an important factor in helping people to feel comfortable with adopting these new technologies.

In the future, the most productive members of society will work together with AI, forming robots to human partnerships, making their endeavors much more efficient. It is important to share knowledge with everyone on how this can be done properly.

• Collaboration Between Private and Public Sectors: Research and development of AI should not only be taking place in large tech companies. Instead, there needs to be strong and open collaboration internationally, as well as between companies of all sizes, and between the public and private sectors.

These are just a few of the reasons why everyone should begin seeking out more information about AI technologies.

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