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What is the Secret to Tim Draper’s Crypto Portfolio?

What is the Secret to Tim Draper’s Crypto Portfolio?

Tim Draper, the prominent venture capitalist who has strongly entered into the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space, has revealed more details about his cryptocurrency portfolio. Draper has put in large sums of money into Bitcoin ,and it is well known, but he has also branched out to altcoins too. 

Speaking at a recent investment conference, Draper revealed that his holdings include Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Tezos, and Aragon. This is on top of the nearly 30,000 Bitcoin that were seized from the Silk Road in July of 2014.

If Draper has held onto those coins, they would be worth over $300 million, having been worth around $19 million at the time of purchase. However, Draper has not only been focusing on Bitcoin admitting that he believes strongly in the entire ecosystem and its potential.

“I’m a believer. I think it’s happening – [adoption] it’s coming. It’s so important for the world, and I want the world to know it, and I want other people in the world to get on board,” he explained.

Bitcoin Cash believer?

One of the more interesting revelations from Draper’s portfolio is the fact that he does hold Bitcoin Cash. The controversial fork of Bitcoin has always divided opinions, and when Draper tweeted what appeared to be a promotional tweet about BCH, many thought he had been hacked. 

In fact, after the tweet was deleted, OpenNode co-founder João Almeida confirmed that Draper’s account had been compromised. 

“I was in contact with his team. He deleted the tweet as soon as he was aware,” he explained.

However, by holding BCH and admitting so, Draper must see some opportunity in the coin, along with others. He was a known investor in the Tezos ICO in 2017, and on a Quora forum in October last year, he said that he thinks the DLT payments processor Ripple was doing all the right things, and is set for “explosive growth”, leading to much higher prices, adding:

“Looking at the three-time growth of Bitcoin over the last 5 months, one would expect a similar result from XRP.”

One of the more obscure investments in Draper’s admitted portfolio is Ethereum-based project Aragon, which received a $1 million investment from him in return for 1 million ANT tokens, effectively giving him 2.52% of the token’s total supply.

Bigger things to come

Draper is one of the high profile voices putting out Bitcoin predictions of a grande note, stating he sees the coin rising to a price tag of a quarter of a million dollars in the next two years. Taking into consideration the vast amount of coins he has, this rise in price could push his fortune in crypto into the multiple of billions.

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