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Will we see a $100,000.00 Bitcoin? — Kolin Lukas

At the end of the day, Bitcoin shows no emotion.

Jan 18 · 6 min read

Cryptocurrencies need a thriving fake economy to reach Bitcoin evangelist’s astronomical price targets, not Armageddon
Authors’ definition of deflation scares = the market prices in short-term deflation, but it eventually reverses.
It’s ironic that Bitcoin performs best in a Peter Schiff-style economy: where the economy is expanding and inflation is muted) Source: Author’s calculations — Since Jan 2011
Global currency returns vs. the U.S. dollar
ISM Highest Reading Since 2018. Source: ISM Report On Business
Now that’s what I call inflation. ISM Prices Index, up 50% YoY. Source: ISM
Commodities getting bid up. CFTC Net Speculative Positioning — Source:

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